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Empowered Equestrians


Positive Reinforcement Clinic with

Jessica Gonzalez

April 13-14, 2019




Participant:     $230

Stabling:         $20/night

Horse Lease   $30/day

Deposit           $100

Clinic is now Full

Auditor slots still available! 

Jessica Gonzalez's rescue in Maine utilizes positive reinforcement training to rehab rescue drafts, ponies, and donkeys. In addition to teaching students and volunteers at the rescue, she also coaches and writes educational articles for her active online community on Facebook, Empowered Equestrians and her website Empowered Equines. This past year, she published her Equine Empowerment: A Guide to Positive Reinforcement Training. 


Learn to:

*Train behaviors to prepare horses for husbandry needs: vet preparation, agility, tricks, puzzles and riding

* Explore behavioral science

* Discuss equine emotional and cognitive capabilities to support ethical training practices

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