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Equine Assisted Learning 

EAL is appropriate for individuals, groups or corporate teams. This work includes equine activities incorporating the experience of equine/human interaction in a learning environment. EAL promotes personal exploration of feelings and behaviors in an educational format. Our methods are based on the EPONA approach, teaching emotional agility and learning about the messages behind our emotions.

In this work, participants engage in hands-on, horse-related activities to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit, gaining a richer understanding of who they are. Individuals often come away with a reawakened sense of creativity and new paths to self-discovery. Corporate clients hone their skills in areas such as teamwork, problem solving, communication and leadership. Additionally, experiencing a connection with the Great Strides herd can put us in contact with our authentic selves and give us a sense of deeper connection with the world around us. Horses help us access deeply personal and spiritual places within, and can serve as our guide to spiritual awakening.

EAL and COVID-19:

Our Services take place outdoors with appropriate social distancing.

Masks optional

A professional trained and credentialed in this work facilitates EAL.  Goals may be related to self-improvement, social interaction and/or education. This work is appropriate for adults seeking innovative solutions to the challenges inherent in relationships. People who are already in psychotherapy elsewhere can use this approach to augment the work they are currently doing with their therapist.

To further explore EAL at Great Strides please call 301-928-8118 or email to schedule a complimentary farm tour.

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