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3 new horses in 32 days? It’s a new GS record.

The last 5 weeks have been busy busy busy here at the Great Strides Village.

First we said “Hello” to Jericho, a clever young Morgan gelding who is being adopted by Lauren Bond of Equine SMART from Days End Farm Horse Rescue. Jericho may not stay here long, but we are happy to have him in the meantime.

former boarder Jericho

Then a few weeks later Gem arrived, formerly known as Helena Handbasket (a Days End name). Gem, a former starvation case of unknown age, is being adopted from Days End Farm Horse Rescue by Wendy, a student of Emily’s. Wendy is learning positive reinforcement training, and we have every confidence that Wendy and Gem are going to thrive with it.


This past weekend, handsome Emrys arrived with his owner Amanda, who is expecting to start riding with Emily this weekend. Emrys is an older Quarter Horse Connemara cross gelding who will meet the rest of the boys he’ll be turned out with starting tomorrow.


We are thrilled to have them all join us!

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