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No joke: Starting April 1, Full Care!

Recently it has come as a realization that we here at Great Strides want to grow our community to include everyone who wants more out of their boarding experience, not just those who have time to work off their board every week.

Sunrise over the barn

The Co-op was born out of a desire to create a soft landing place for horse owners who are committed to building the best relationship they can with their horse, regardless of discipline, skill level, or starting point. We thought that requiring 3 hours of labor each week would ensure a) a sense of ownership and pride in contributing to the care of their horse, b) enjoyment of being around horses and fresh air while caring for them, c) a sense of community as everyone was expected to contribute equally and d) a familiarity with what their horses' lives are like on a daily basis that most horse owners don't get to experience. Of course, it also allowed us to offer some of the lowest rates in the area for boarding, due to the few stable hands needed. We felt that owners who would be willing to do the work would also be the type of people that would be very invested in the welfare of their horse, as well as more likely to be invested in the relationship they have with their horse.

This model has been successful enough that we are going to keep it, however, we have also felt the need to expand our offerings to include the many, many horse owners who fit the above description, but simply do not have the time to spend doing farm chores.

Thus, Full Care Boarding is here!

Full Care boarders will not be expected to contribute any work hours toward the upkeep of the farm or the horses. The Full Care monthly rate will be higher than Co-op boarding, commensurate with the cost of labor that goes into horse care when the owner isn't contributing any time. However, Full Care boarders will still be considered part of the Village - we just won't call them Co-op Boarders, we'll call them Full Care boarders. Everyone will still be part of the monthly meeting, encouraged to participate in the social activities, trail rides, clinics, and be part of anything else that goes on at the farm.


Spring 2018 is here, and we are very excited to see what the rest of the year brings.

Join us, and share this with your friends! We can't wait to hear from you.

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