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Exciting News! Announcing Shawna Karrasch Positive Reinforcement Training Clinic!

When: December 2nd &3rd, 2017

Contact: Emily Osborne

(240) 587-7996

For more information on Shawna: click here!

More details to follow!

Have you ever thought, "there has to be a better way" to teach my horse to stand quietly? Lead responsively? Relax under saddle? Great Strides is committed to promoting mutually beneficial interactions between people and horses. Shawna's approach is fun for both you and your horse, that is based on reward and communication for what we do want, rather than the traditional "punishments" for behaviors we don't want. Great horse training always uses communication, so in a nutshell Shawna's aim is to teach you a clear, science-based approach to connecting with your horse. All horse owners from time to time experience a difficulty in communicating with their horse, whether it is during ridden training or ground work. Her approach to bridging the gap between equine and owner is a positive, reward based method of connection. Positive Reinforcement ("clicker") training for horses is fun for both you and your horse! Learn to invite your horse into positive behaviors in this two day Connection Training clinic with Shawina.

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